Features of PVC Strip Curtains

Thermal Insulation

  • Being water and air tight makes PVC one of the best thermal insulators. Also, due to PVC's low thermal conductivity, strip curtains can help save energy.

Sound Reduction

  • Loud working environments can lead to tiredness and the risk of misunderstandings in communication. PVC strip curtains can be used as a sound absorber and noise insulator to protect workers from too much noise.

UV Stabilised

  • Ultra violet light can break down polymer chemical bonds, degrading transparency and performance. Our PVC strip curtains contain UV stabilisers to inhibit polymer degradation by absorbing and dissipating harmful radiators.
PVC Strip Curtains are used for internal and external thermal partitions, as a barrier against fumes, dust or flying insects, birds etc. They may also be used to reduce noise levels between factory production areas and in warehouses. PVC Strip Curtains are made from high quality, low toxic, Cadmium free PVC material offering extremely good clarity and consistency of colour and dimensional tolerances.

Technical Specifications

Cadmium Free

Silicone Free

Chemical Resistant

REACH compliant

Abrasion Resistant

High quality PVC

-40ºC to +50ºC

Welding Strip EN 1598

Types Of PVC Strip Curtains