Transparent Blue PVC Strip Curtain

Standard Blue PVC Strip is at the forefront of our range, the most versatile strip curtain offering excellent light transmission and clarity, combined with low cost.

Usage : Used on everything, from conveyor belts, to warehouse doorways and forklift openings. Our clear PVC strip doors are ideal to keep drafts out and retain heat in the winter, or to prevent insects and bugs during the summer.

  • Specifications:
  • Regular size:

    • 200mm (width) X 1mm (thickness)
    • 200mm (width) X 2mm (thickness)
    • 200mm (width) X 3mm (thickness)
    • 200mm (width) X 4mm (thickness)
    • 300mm (width) X 3mm (thickness)

    Temperature application range:

    • 0º C to +50º C - (Normal Temperature Grade)
Types Of PVC Strip Curtains